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dbQwikEdit unlocks the information in your databases. You can...

dbQwikEdit unlocks the information in your databases. You can view, import/export, edit, export and synchronize data in almost any database, without being an SQL programmer.

Users of all levels will love this tool, create SQL statements and manage data with ease. What can dbQwikEdit do? Connect to all your databases with ease and security Connect to virtually any database using ADO and ODBC Works with MS Access, MS SQLServer, mySQL, Oracle, DB2, FoxPro, Interbase and almost all others.

Access data anywhere, on you PC, server or remote server Protect against accidental data changes with password protected Read-Only modeSee Database tables and views in Windows Explorer style Data Grid shows tables, views, synonyms and stored procedures Expand tables to see column definitions Filter table / view namesWork with Database and Table Structures Create new Databases Design new Tables Clone Existing Tables Create Table Indexes Alter TablesWork with database table data Sort and filter data Print results as simple reports Generate SQL statements based on your table selections Save table layouts creating real-time reports Edit and add data simply by typing in values in the quot;spreadsheetquot;Construct SQL Queries visually Drag and drop Visual Query Builder Sort and filter data Join tables by dragging linked fields on top of each other Create complex (outer/inner) joins by setting link properties Save and recall Visual Queries Run queries directly or generate SQLCreate complex queries with the visual query builder Point/click/type SQL statements Customize SQL keywords and phrases Syntax highlighting for easy reading Automatic query session history allows you to recall run queries.

Script support. Comment/uncomment blocks of lines. Execution status reporting. Run Queries with Full Control Run concurrent queries Cancel running queries.

Limit number of rows returned by queries Execute stored procedures. Manage data with ease Export selected data to such formats as Excel, Word, comma delimited and other desktop formats Print results a.

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